frequently asked questions is an abbreviation for Pay For My Trip, the company used by your travel advisor in this instance to collect some or all of the payment for your upcoming trip. Contact your travel advisor and they should be able to send you a receipt which details what the charge was for. Pay For My Trip can be used to collect the full payment of your trip, but can also be used to collect service fees.

Contact your travel advisor and they will be able to provide you with a new secure payment link after they verify that the flights and price are still available.

If you have the confirmation number for your trip, you can use the Find My Trip page to look up your Trip and initiate payment. If you find your trip, and there is no button to proceed to payment, or if you don’t have your confirmation number, contact your travel advisor for assistance.

We partner with some of the top names in payment processing to ensure your payment is securely handled. Our web application is routinely scanned for security by outside sources to ensure that we are constantly up to date with the ever changing security landscape on the web.

First, double check the credit card and billing information for accuracy. If it is correct, double check with your card supplier. Travel is a major purchase, so you’ll want to make sure that enough funds are available, and that your bank hasn’t blocked the transaction. If there are no issues with the card supplier, contact your travel advisor for assistance.

In most cases, we accept Visa, Discover, Master Card, and American Express. Occasionally, one of our airline partners may not accept one of these types. If you need to use a particular type, and receive an error message stating that it cannot be used, contact your travel advisor.

Debit cards are accepted from the vendors listed in the previous question.